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Tristan - 28 - Sydney

Tell me your sign.
You’re switching sides like a Gemini”
-Ricky Martin


I feel like whoever this is knows me and knows how bad my first tattoo is and is just poking fun…
If so, touché friend. ;)
My first tattoo is some shitty, off the wall “new school” tribal.
Basically just a black pattern.
We all make mistakes hey?
I’ll cover it one day but it’s in the middle of my shoulders on my back so I kinda only want to cover it with a full back piece?! And I’m way too broke for that right now.
So yeah… Tribal… :/
What can I say?! I was heavily influenced by the late 90’s.

(cute little emoji face) This is now a pale, nature, fetish, gore, summer, vintage, loose leaf tea, anal, tech, graffiti done with those little “Hello, my name is:” stickers, life hack, weed, chocolate, sub/dom, lifestyle, reblogging-but-changing-the-source-and-text, tattoo, amazon links, sharpie sniffing, hashtagging, prescription medicine, bouncy balls, cartography, 90’s style middle parts, kittens, cats & pussy blog. (cute little emoji face)